The Reason Behind Drug Abuse Treatment Centers in Arizona

Over the past few decades, addiction has become one of the most significant public health problems in the world and a major societal issue. There is today, in the US, an estimated 8 million drug addicts. Keep in mind that this number does not include occasional drug users and alcohol abusers.

Preventing and managing addictions must be a priority. Every adult should be concerned about this issue and information and awareness should involve families as well as teachers, educators, various associations and health professionals. This includes reasoning, effects, and risks of taking drugs, attitudes to have to prevent drug addiction and to help and guide addicts to recovery.

What is an addiction?

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines addiction as “a state of physical or psychic dependence or both, concerning a product and the periodic or continuous use of it.” Drug addiction, therefore, represents an alienation, or a particular deprivation of liberty, since the addict is profoundly dependent on the drug. Being admitted to drug abuse treatment centers in arizona could help users.

What is a drug?

The definition of WHO is very broad: experts call drugs any substance that can change the consciousness and behavior of the user. In this sense, any drug can be designated by the word. Depending on how they are used, drugs can be used for medical or non-medical purposes.

Only substances that can change psychic function (including alcohol) can be used as drugs. These are psychotropic drugs, that is to say, all the substances are of a natural or synthetic origin which can, by their action on the user’s central nervous system, modify the person’s mental activity, sensations, behaviors, etc.

What is an addict?

There are several types of drug users:

  • Occasional users sometimes referred to as “repositories,” who have not entirely lost their freedom from the product.
  • Drug addicts, who have an utterly dependent relationship with the drug and whose daily life is focused on research and use of the product.

What are the different drugs?

In absolute terms, there are no “good drugs” or “bad drugs.” Only “legal” drugs (alcohol, tobacco, etc.) can be distinguished from “prescribed” drugs (morphine, barbiturates and tranquilizers, and so on) and “illegal” drugs.