Golden Retriever Health and Diet

It is not surprising that golden retriever health is reliant on a good well balanced diet including protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Have you heard all that before regarding diets? Sure you have. It is just what we are told about good diets and health for the very same reasons that it is important for a dog.

Puppies need to have a diet that contains a good balance of foods that contain these nutrients otherwise their health will suffer. It is not a matter of feeding the puppy just any old food that is left over or handy.

Protein For Puppy

Puppy’s bodies are growing at an alarming rate and protein is essential in supplying amino acids which are needed for the maintenance and growth of strong bones and muscles. Another benefit of protein is that it plays a key role in the production of antibodies (the infection fighters) in your puppy. Protein also needs to be present in the pup’s body for the manufacturing and maintenance of healthy levels of enzymes and hormones.

Excellent food sources of protein include eggs, meat, fish, milk, cheese, brown rice, wheat germ and soybean meals. Health food specialists insist that eggs are actually a meal in themselves as they contain all the nutrients that are needed for good health.

Problems Due To Lack Of Protein

  1. If a pup does not receive enough protein it could actually affect his appetite in that he may slowly stop eating and that then will have the effect that he will start losing weight and this is definitely not what you want in a young puppy.
  2. Protein plays such a major role in the production of antibodies and if a puppy does not get enough protein he could very soon start suffering from colds and will be much more susceptible to infections and other diseases.
  3. Protein deficiency will most likely also show up in the appearance of your golden’s hair and coat. This will probably be one of the first signs that you will see in the puppy.

One sign that will help you keep in touch with your dogs health is when the coat is looking dull and lackluster. This is usually an indication of illness or poor health. When caring for a dog the owner needs to be vigilant at all times regarding its health to ensure that the dog does not get ill.

Although water is not a nutrient as such, a good supply of fresh water available at all times is essential to the health of a dog. Keeping a bowl under the tap outside and filling it up when passing is not the answer. This situation usually means the bowl has algae growing in it which is not good at all for the dog. Water hydrates the body and carries the nutrients through the body for good health.

One time to take care with giving water to a retriever is after a good work out. Limit the water intake until the dog’s breathing is back to normal. Golden retriever health is reliant on water, especially in warm and hot climates. Dogs can perspire a lot in warm weather and retrievers with their heavy coat are even more affected by the heat.

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