A Better, More Healthful Alternative to Sugary, Additive-Heavy Energy Drinks

A single brand of energy drink produced over $10 billion in revenue for its manufacturer in one recent year. While it is therefore clear that many people today enjoy such beverages, they are not without their downsides. Emergency room visits related to energy drink consumption have doubled in just a few short years, with the bodies of those admitted reacting badly to certain ingredients. With eight in ten Americans consuming caffeine on a daily or near-daily basis, relatively few are willing to go without some form of stimulation. While some believe that energy drinks and traditional favorites like coffee or tea make up their only options, this is simply not the case.

In fact, there are good ways of getting a healthy energy boost that do not need to involve the downsides so common to well-known energy drinks. What most people are after when it comes to caffeine-laden beverages, after all, is a simple pick-me-up and nothing else. Whereas energy drink makers load up their products with other ingredients that can be of questionable safety or usefulness, there are other options that stick more firmly to the basics.

One style of product that has attracted many more fans in recent years, for example, couples caffeine with nothing but pure, safe water. Instead of featuring an ingredient list full of hard-to-pronounce names, products like these make it easy for their buyers to understand what they will be imbibing. Given that most people can safely consume caffeine in moderation with no need to worry, that can enable plenty of peace of mind.

Water, of course, is something that the body is almost always happy to accept, as well. In fact, the mild diuretic effect associated with caffeine intake can typically be countered simply by drinking a bit of extra water. When a beverage contains nothing much beyond these two basic ingredients, achieving that healthy kind of balance becomes a lot easier.

Instead of subjecting themselves to the calories and additives typical of the average energy drink, more people who might enjoy an occasional boost are therefore looking into products like these. While that could be bad news for companies that produce energy drinks, it is undoubtedly good news for those who make the switch.