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Health and Wellness Tips

If you had super amazing health and wellness tips – how quickly would you begin to make changes?

Not many know this but obesity afflicts at least 28 percent of adult women and 19 percent of adult men in America. In fact, there is a huge majority of people out there who consider themselves more than “pleasantly plump.” Despite the many diet book and diet foods now available, obesity is on the rise – NOT on the decline.


For starters there is that pesky little problem called appetite control. For what it’s worth, appetites seem to be influenced more by social, environmental, and emotional pressures than by internal physiological cues or signals.

What does this mean? Simply put, you are not eating when YOU are actually hungry.

Scientists have discovered that people seldom go without food for more than a few hours, or at most, a day at a time.

Are you with me so far?

And, who can blame you? Seriously, with the enormous variety of tempting foods available, especially those high in fat, sugar, and calories, but low in bulk, make it EASY to overeat. To make matters worse, seductive food advertising, television commercials, and the prevalence of high-calorie menus in cafeterias and restaurants also make it hard to whittle your middle.

But, get this: Sometimes your family can be your biggest problem. They encourage you to eat more than you otherwise would. Then, there are those of you who react to stress or depression by eating even when they aren’t hungry.

So, how can you get over this bump in the road? Keep reading for some easy health and wellness tips you can put into practice in just minutes.

Now, here’s all you do:

1. Consider always sitting down to eat…and use a plate.

2. Bite the bullet and keep “junk food” out of the house.

3. Like it or not, you need to take at least half an hour for each meal.

4. How on earth will any of these health and wellness tips help if you fail to savor each mouthful? Listen, chew well, and put down your knife and fork between bites.

5. Do whatever you have to do and keep to a shopping list and try to avoid buying food on impulse.

6. Right off the bat avoid alcohol at midday.

7. It’s a good rule of thumb to strive for a variety in family meals over the week and adjust portions according to your needs.

8. Here’s the kicker: Restrict eating to just TWO places in the home.

9. You’re going to love this: Avoid arguments, reading, and TV at mealtimes.

10. Go the extra mile and read labels on food packages and avoid those with added salt and sugar.

So there you have it. Health and wellness tips you can begin to use today.

Step into the life you were meant to live and claim your territory…don’t you need a breakthrough?

Fitness and Diet Tips For Men

OK so it’s pretty much a well-known fact that obesity is now a widespread disease: The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention report that nearly three out of every four men are either overweight or obese, and 50% of men don’t engage in vigorous physical activity.

Unfortunately, as if the consequences of these statistics weren’t bad enough, what’s worse is that children can be affected by them. A recent study published by the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behaviour reports that children are easily influenced by their fathers food choices; mainly referring to how often they eat fast and processed foods, which can then in turn cause potential weight problems in the children.

The following fitness and diet tips can help motivate you to stay active and to fuel your body with the right diet plan.

Fitness routines – Keep them Varied for Motivation

Many fitness experts and medical professionals, such as Arnold Lee MD, physician at One Medical Group in San Francisco believe that varying exercise activities helps motivation stay strong. “There are numerous benefits to mixing up your workout routine”. He states. “It’s the key to stimulating different muscle groups and preventing boredom.”

Your body can easily get used to same physical activities if done repetitively enough. Alternating activities and exercise routines keeps the body guessing with the result being that more calories have to be burned as it has to adapt.

Don’t go it Alone

Getting a fitness partner is a great way of keeping you motivated to stick with your diet plan and exercise routine. Your exercise buddy can help you stay focused as well as supporting and motivating you while exercising, as well as providing an element of competition – especially if you are of similar abilities…

Always Read Nutrition Labels

Whole, natural and where appropriate, raw foods should always be chosen over processed or pre-packaged ones, but if you are going to have a commercially pre-made or processed meal or food product, always read the label.

It’s important to do so to avoid sabotaging your healthy eating plan -as not only do processed foods contain unhealthy ingredients much of the time, (trans fats, preservatives) but they also contain numerous servings in one package – sometimes three to four – so it’s very easy to overeat.

Cooking – Keep it Clean and Lean

When preparing meals at home, bake, grill, steam or lightly saut̩. These cleaner (using less trans fats) cooking methods are healthier than breading and deep-frying. The use of healthy fats such as olive or coconut oil rather than butter will help keep the cholesterol levels down. Another great tip is to be creative with spices and herbs Рthey will help to keep meals more interesting and appetizing.

Eating – Keep It Vibrant and Exciting

The last thing you want is for your healthy eating plan to go astray because of diet boredom. Just like you’d try different ways to cook and prepare meals, try eating different foods and using unusual ingredients.

To add to your lean protein and low-fat dairy options, there are loads of different exotic fruits, vegetables and other products available in supermarkets and food stores these days, and more than enough cookbooks and recipes online to give you new ideas to try.

Limiting yourself to a similar range of foods, even if they are healthy, is not only a risk for diet dullness, but may also restrict your body from getting certain essential vitamins and minerals.

Size Matters

While on the subject of food, eat healthy and eat well, but watch the portion sizes. It’s very easy to dish up large portion sizes – especially if that’s what you were used to. Some good tips are to get smaller plates and to eat more slowly, chewing your food a lot more than usual – up to 12 times – so you get to feel full without eating as much food.

You can weigh the portions out and count calories according to the diet you are following, but a good rule of thumb is to eat a portion of protein no larger than the palm of your hand – and some simple carbs (veg and salad) of the same amount.

Strength Training is A Must

Including strength (resistance) training into your fitness programme is a great way to add variety to exercising as well as building calorie-burning muscle. There are many other benefits too:

Increased body metabolism

Improved bone strength and density

Body toning

Increased lean body mass

Better balance and co-ordination

Strength training core muscles improves your balance for better overall athletic performance, and reduces the risk of injuries and common aches like backache. You don’t need to use weights to do strength training – you can use bodyweight exercises, exercise bands – or even exercise in water.

Get HIIT to Work for You

Add some regular High Intensity Interval Training to your fitness programme. HIIT has many benefits to offer for fat loss. Compared to steady state cardio exercises (like jogging) it saves time and can be more fun and interesting because of the variations in intensity. It will definitely help you lose fat quicker than steady state cardio, but you really have to push yourself.

Together with strength training, using HIIT exercises ensures your body gets optimum fat burning capabilities by increasing its metabolism both during, and after workouts.

Stick With It

Even with the best intentions and willpower, most of us will fall off the rails of our weight loss programme at some point – sometimes more than once. This doesn’t mean we should quit – we will come across hiccups, we just need to get back on the programme and carry on. Jumping back on as soon as possible is important however, as the longer we let it slide the more momentum we lose and we have to start again.

Woman Health and Beauty

Being a woman is more than having feminine organs, is learning to understand your body at different stages of life and anticipate the small ailments before they become real problems. Your body’s needs when you were a 17-year-old girl cannot be the same as when you are a 57 year old. However, no matter your age, at one time or another, being women, your health and beauty will be affected by one of the following conditions: facial wrinkles, vaginal infection, abnormal menstruation, breast drooping, women infertility, cellulite, stretch marks, spider vein, varicose vein, menopause, Constipation, depression, vitamin deficiency, and the list goes on. In this article, I try to cover many health and beauty tips that can help you become and remain an ideal woman. If you Care About your Health and beauty, this article is Specifically Designed for you.

How to Have Healthy, Beautiful Skin?

Every woman wants to have a radiant skin; unfortunately, most of them don’t figure out the causes of their skin problems. Each day, our body is attacked by pollution, the sun, sweat, stress, abuse of all kinds such as tobacco, alcohol and unhealthy fast foods. To have a healthy, beautiful skin, it is important to reverse the effects of those aggressors by adopting a healthy lifestyle including eating a healthy diet regular exercise, and good sleep.

However, sometimes, all these efforts on a daily basis are not enough. The more we advance in age, the more the body requires small attentions that require a little cosmetic. My advice to you is using safe and natural skin products. Safe and natural products, applied regularly, can help greatly to protect your look from the ravages of time and pollution. I am talking about feminine beauty to please men and make you feel good about yourself. Finding yourself beautiful is essential to live in harmony with yourself and others.

Keep your skin clean and clear. Taking care of yourself is taking care of your skin on a daily basis. Cleaning the skin must be made daily using products that do not alter its natural balance or damage it. The skin is exposed to external aggression. By its peripheral position, the skin is unavoidably attacked by dust, pollution, which mingling to the sebum and sweat disrupt the balance of its surface. You need natural antioxidant cream to repair those damages. Today, unconsciously, people tend to excessive use of gels or anti-aging products that are, most of times, do more harm to the skin. Be aware that those products can increase your skin’s risk of UV damage.

Taking care of your face

Your face is your passport; do not ever neglect it. The skin of your face is constantly assaulted by the environment: temperature too high or too low, wind, pollution, temperature changes. It needs to be protected by the use of an anti-oxidant cream. Protective cream or restorative cream, the choice of your cream depends on your skin type and your needs. Living in cities, cold, working outdoors or in a confined place, your cream facial must also provide a degree of protection that suits your lifestyle. It must also be adapted to the nature of your skin (dry skin, oily skin, mixed skin), the choice of your moisturizer is essential to better protect the skin of your face and allow it to find the right balance.

Femininity of a beautiful neckline

The arms and chest areas are very sensitive and are also a sign of femininity that each of us likes to discover. But often, the years pass, with a few kilos too many, and not enough physical activity, mean that our arms, our breasts are no longer as energetic as before and become a real complex. These areas are very fragile because they do not have true muscle support and are therefore subject to rapid aging, wrinkles, skin falling and flaccid. For, too often, the neck and chest are forgotten in the care of daily hydration. However, they must be washed, hydrated and treated the same way as the face.

To preserve the elasticity of the skin of those areas, it is important to apply every morning a nourishing and moisturizing cream, taking care to apply a light massage that will activate the superficial microcirculation. Apply a special cream by massaging lightly and gently from the center of the breast to cover the entire breast and up to the neck.

Intimate hygiene

Often taboo, the subject of personal hygiene is often not discussed despite the great importance it takes. What are the gestures to comply, products to use, learn all relevant information. Because staying fresh is a daily concern for both well-being and health, intimate hygiene should not be overlooked. Be simple and natural in your vaginal care; any negligence or overuse of chemical can lead to vaginal issues. In a relationship, vaginal odor is a tough problem for both partners. It is embarrassing for the female, and frustrating for the male.

What products to use for personal hygiene?

All products, shower gels, soaps and bubble baths variety are not necessarily suited for intimate hygiene. Often too aggressive, their pH (acidity level) is different from that of our skin and does not respect the natural balance. The acidity of genital mucous makes it possible to ensure the maintenance of vulvo-vaginal flora necessary to preserve the female genitals of fungal infections and diverse.

Hygiene and menstruation

Whether you use tampons or pads, change them regularly, about every 4 hours (except at night where you can keep them until morning). If you use tampons, be sure to choose the model adapted to the flow of your menstruation, which also varies between the beginning and the end of your period. A tampon too big and absorbing, at the end of the cycle, can irritate the vagina and lead the development of a fungus. In the same way, a tampon changed too frequently can be a source of irritation.

Healthy and beautiful legs

Take care of your legs. The legs are one of the female assets, but can also be a source of much inconvenience. Those who have heavy legs, varicose veins or Restless legs syndrome know what I am talking about. If you want to attract men, pay attention to your legs, they say. Most men get turned on by a hot woman’s legs. Men love looking at women’s hot, sexy legs; maybe there is a secret in that.

What could affect the beauty and health of your legs? – High heels, consumption of alcohol and cigarettes and an unbalanced diet are all aggravating factors of poor blood circulation and therefore pain in the legs with obviously appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and small vessels that burst.

Advice to have beautiful and healthy legs – The fundamental solution is regular exercises with more precisely jogging and jumping. The legs acquire, through regular exercises, greater finesse and elasticity. Their muscles develop harmoniously and the entire body usually takes profits with improved blood circulation.


Numerous researchers confirm that a healthy nutrition makes a positive difference in skin rejuvenation. Your beauty has a close relationship with what you eat. You are what you eat, they say. However, even if you eat a healthy diet, you also need to avoid eating late at night. Do your best to eat at least 3 hours before going to bed. Eating late can cause chronic indigestion, which can lead to acne, bad breath, belly fat, eczema, and psoriasis. Adjust your diet to your life (sedentary lifestyle, active, sportive), your condition (pregnant, obese), your age (children, youth, adult, elderly) in order not to create imbalance in your diet. Energy needs vary depending on sex and a multitude of other factors.

Unique Health and Fitness Tips

Hello friend!

In this article, I am going to share 4 unique health and fitness tips. I will also tell you how to use these tips in your daily life. Health and fitness tips are meant to help you live a more prosperous and healthy life.

So let us get started.

Drink up

Americans started this campaign a few months ago. It has become popular and it is providing amazing benefits. Studies showed us that on average American citizens drink only 2 glasses of water per day. We need 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to fulfill our body requirements. Our body should not be dehydrated.

When our body is dehydrated, it stores water weight along with harmful toxins. It is necessary to drink a lot of water so that toxins are washed out properly.

How can you use this tip in your daily life?

  1. Bring a water bottle with you, wherever you go
  2. Drink 2 glasses of water before your breakfast
  3. Drink 2 glasses of water before exercise


Well fibers have many advantages over fast food or junk food. Fiber intake includes eating fruits, vegetables, and salads. Last week I visited my friend and I was amazed at her breakfast.

Her breakfast included 2 oranges, 1 banana, 1 apple and an omelet with a slice with 2 glasses of mineral water.

This breakfast has many benefits over eating cereals or simple bread slices.

  • It makes you feel full
  • If you did your breakfast at 7 AM, you will feel hunger at 11 AM. It is recommended to eat a fruit serving or vegetable serving at this time.
  • It is a complete diet.
  • It gives you energy and refreshment.

Eating fibers also helps you maintain your weight without any crash dieting programs.

Timing of Your meals

It is important to have your meals at time. Consult your health expert for this purpose.

Join a Slimming Center

Slimming centers are doing an excellent job to help you lose weight. It is a fashion to join a gym or slimming center. However, do not waste your money on things you do not want. You can do gym workout at home. To live a healthy life, exercise is necessary. It depends upon your lifestyle.

Some people do not need to do any exercise because of their working routines. Others like me (online workers) do need exercise.

How to use this tip in your daily life?

  1. Walk for 10 minutes daily
  2. Do yoga or push ups at home
  3. Join a gym for this task

Overlooked Health and Fitness

What are the best health and fitness tips? There are tons and tons of diets and exercise regimens online and in magazines.

It really can get overwhelming after a certain point. Here are nine simple tips to get you on the road to better health shortly:

#1) Focus on developing one habit at a time

If both your diet and exercise habits need changing, just pick one and focus on that. Do not try to tackle both at once. The success rate for trying to develop two habits at the same time is very low.

Then try to stick with your activity for for thirty days. Studies have shown that this is how long it takes for a habit to form. This is how to develop healthier habits.

#2) Exercise vigorously

Few things will make a difference in your overall health and mental outlook as exercise. In particular, intense workouts are the most effective.

Yes, it’s true that walking is better than doing nothing. However, sprinting is better still. Vigorous exercises have more health benefits.

They are superior for losing weight and seeing strength gains. In other words, ten minutes of sprinting beats forty five minutes of slow jogging any day.

#3) Stay active throughout the day

Also focus on staying active throughout the day-not just during your exercise time. This is particularly important if you sit a lot for work.

Simply getting up and doing pushups or jumping jacks every fifteen to twenty minutes will make a huge difference in your attitude and mental focus. Quick bursts of activity throughout the day are very important for staying alert and being productive.

#4) Keep it fun

A lot of people hate their exercise regime, which is why they ultimately quit. The key is making it enjoyable. This will help you become more motivated to exercise.

One thing you might want to do is take up a sport you’ve always wanted to try.

#5) Get a workout partner

If you have trouble sticking with someone, committing to exercise with someone can be effective for getting you to stick with it.

#6) Eat natural foods

Your food selection plays a huge role in how you feel. In general, raw foods are the way to go. This is because they are the easiest for the body to digest, and generally contain the most nutrients.

That’s why raw fruits and vegetables should be the staple of your diet. Make sure to eat vegetables raw. Many people cook them, but they lose most of their nutrients when you do this.

#7) Get more fresh air

Crack open a window at the office. Exercise outside if you can. The more fresh air you get, the better you will feel.

#8) Get eight hours of sleep a night

This makes a huge difference in your overall energy level. Many people operate on six hours or less. However, you will notice a huge difference in how you feel when you get more sleep.

#9) Avoid medications

Just about every prescription drug has harsh chemicals which cause serious side effects.